The Regional News Unit, Chennai is headed by Director(News) and is responsible for compilation of News and Current Affairs Programme in DD-Podhigai Channel.

DoordarshanPodhigai News is the benchmark for credibility and reliability of news in Tamilnadu.  Its news bulletins have always been one of the top-ten among the in-house programmes of Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai.  Apart from setting benchmarks for the credibility ,authenticity and unbiased of its news contents,Doordarshan News in Tamil is also an authority in the language.

Here is a glimpse of the milestones,  the Regional News Unit, Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai has laid in its glorious journey.

15th August, 1975 was a red letter day for the people of Chennai.  The inauguration of the Television Centre in the metro added glitter to its festive look – the day being the independence day.  A 20-minute news bulletin began to be telecast at 8.00 pm from that very first day of the existence of the public broadcaster in the city. It was the memorable baby-step for the Regional News Unit.  It provided the discerning audience a new experience of watching news – an audience who were till then only reading or listening to the news.  The broadcast was a humble beginning with a limited range of visibility of just 20 sq.kilometres area.  But, today it has widened its services to cover not only the whole nation but also other regions of the world .  DD News now serves to be a pioneer and trendsetter that enjoys the confidence of the public at large.

Now, the Regional News Unit of the Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai puts out nine News bulletins in Tamil on the 24-hours Podhigai Channel, for over 1-hour 45 minutes every day.  Apart from them, it is telecasting a 10-minute English bulletin called “METRO SCAN”  contributing to  DD-News Channel on Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

The News bulletin telecast timings in DD-PODHIGAI are as follows.


Time of Telecast




8.00 AM

15 mts.

Telecast in Satellite channel of DD PODHIGAI


10.00 AM

5 mts.



12 Noon

5 mts.



2.00 PM

15 mts.



4.00 PM

5 mts.

Terrestrial and satellite mode


6. 00 PM

10 mts.

Contributing to DD News as "METRO SCAN" 


 6.30 PM

 15 mts.

 Telecast in both Terrestrial and  Satellite channel of DD PODHIGAI


8.00 PM

30 mts.

Satellite mode of DD-Podhigai


10.00 PM

15 mts.

Satellite mode of DD-Podhigai


            In our Prime Time News bulletin, stories are categorized into distinct segments such as National, State, International, Business, Snippets, Sports, Weather etc.  Such a presentation has received widespread appreciation from the Viewers.



                         Furthmore, as the current affairs programmes, RNU Chennai is mounting “VELICHCHAM” programme,   a panel discussion on matters of current issues of interest involving experts in relevant fields , anchored by the Head of the RNU, every Saturday at 7.30pm  with a repeat telecast on Monday at 09.30am for half an hour.  It has attracted enormous patronage among the viewers.

             “INDIA THIS WEEK” and “WORLD THIS WEEK” are two other recently included progammes, being telecast on Saturdays (08.30pm)and Sundays(08.30pm) respectively, with duration of half-an-hour each that are in effect , a compilation of major developments that impact the nation and the world.  These programmes are being well received.

            Whenever major events unfold, the Regional News Unit of Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai include them prominently in its news bulletins and also organizes special interviews and interactions that are acclaimed by the viewers and critics alike.

            There are many more special capsules worth mentioning.  It is no exaggeration to mention that people with Tamil as the lingua franca  mostly get hooked to Doordarshan News on the days of counting of votes during any major elections, due to its neutrality, credibility and timeliness.

            The Regional News Unit of Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai enjoys the confidence of the Public.  It offers a comprehensive package tailored to sustain the varied interests, even while functioning within the given mandate as the public broadcaster.





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