No. Tender Description Last Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
1 No:50(2)2019/Admn/DDK/Che/water supply Date 20.02.2019. Extension of tender for supply of bubble top water cans 2019-02-28
2 No:50(2)2019/Admn./DDK/Che dated04.02.2019 Quotation for supply of RO Drinking Water In Bubble Top water cans 2019-02-18
3 DDK/CHN/Prog./Channel Packaging/E – Tender 01/2018-19 Due date extn for channel packaging at DDK Chennai 2019-02-14
4 No.DDK/Chn/Semi-skilled Labour/2018-19/Date: 18.01.2019 Tender due date extension for supply of two numbers semiskilled labours 2019-02-08
5 Tender No: No/9/2/8/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 Due date extension for Tender No: No/9/2/8/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 2019-02-04
6 No.DDK/Chn/Semi-skilledLabour/2018-19 Date:18.01.2019 2019-01-30
7 No/9/Transmitter/E-Tender//DKC/ES/2018-19/11 Due date Extension for Comprehensive AMC For HP Servers 2019-01-28
8 Tender No: No/9/2/8/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 Due date Extension for submitting the quote for AHU 8 Shifting work at DDK,Chennai 2019-01-28
9 9 /IT/ES/DKC/2018-19Date: 07.01.2019. Corrigendum for 72TB storage 2019-01-18
10 No.9(2)(8)/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 Shiting of AHU 8 at Doordarshan Chennai 2019-01-18
11 No.9 /IT/ES/DKC/2018-19 Procurement of 72 TB medium performance storage 2019-01-18
12 No/9/Earth Station/DKC/ES/2018-19/Block Up Converter Due date extension for Block up converter 2019-01-18
13 No9/Studio/ e tender/Blu-ray disc/DKC/ES/2018-19 Due date extension for Bluray Disc 2019-01-18
14 No/9/Transmitter/E-Tender//DKC/ES/2018-19/11 DUE DATE EXTENSION FOR HP SERVER AT TRANSMITTER 2019-01-18
15 F.NO : DDK/CHN/Prog./Channel Packaging/E – Tender 01/2018-19 Due date extension for Channel Packaging 2019-01-12
16 No.9(2)(4)/STUDIO/ES/DKC/2018-19/LED lightsDate: 28.12.2018 Change in Specification of Studio LED lights 2019-01-07
17 No.9(2)(4)/STUDIO/ES/DKC/2018-19/LED lights Date: 28.12.2018 Supply of LED Studio lights for Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai 2019-01-07
18 No.9/Earth Station/DKC/ES/2018-19 Date: 28.12.2018 Supply of Block Upconverter (Part No: 543-0010-003)-1No for XICOM400W C-Band HPA MODEL NO:XTD-400C Sl.NO:57892(Part No:305-0386-202) 2019-01-07
19 Tender No: No9/Studio/ e tender/Blu-ray disc/DKC/ES/2018-19 Dated28-12-2018 Due date extension of Tender No: No9/Studio/ e tender/Blu-ray disc/DKC/ES/2018-19 Dated28-12-2018 2019-01-07
20 No.9/(Transmitter)/E-Tender//DKC/ES/2018-12-26 No.9/(Transmitter)/E-Tender//DKC/ES/2018-19/11 Date: 26.12.2018 2019-01-07

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